The Neverending Game

The Queen Approaches the Endgame

This painting conveys the feeling of tension and anticipation as the game approaches its end. shadow is present, as is the lily — symbol of mercy, forgiveness and unity. The king is at the edge of the chessboard. He and the queen are bathed in light and winning but they must maintain their compassion. 

The Queen Shares Her Body with the Melting Horizon

The queen longs for another life, symbolized by the landscape seen through the window. But she is always at the centre of every game, caring for the other players and being protected herself. Some are made to be mannequins but she was born to be queen. The roles we play in life are predetermined. Her duty is to give her body and soul for others.

The Bishop Forgives the Soul of Time

Although the bishop is resting his body in the bath, his mind and life itself continue to move inexorably onward. In the bath, water continues to swirl and begins to overflow across the chessboard floor. The dry petals of the lily floating in the water symbolize time passing.

Lily One

Mercy and forgiveness are represented by the lily's soft form. The steps behind the lily depict eternity and symbolize the fact that compassion and absolution are eternal and vital for life.

Lily Two

The angular form of the lily indicates that the chess pieces are born from it. Underneath its softness, the lily is a powerful force. The shadow in the distance represents danger.